Six Questions To Ask Potential Digital Agencies Before Working With Them


When looking at companies offering digital marketing, Malaysia has many agencies you can consider using that can help increase your website’s online visibility. However, they are not all of the same standards, so you must select the best-qualified one for the job that can show you a return on investment. There are many questions you will want to ask potential agencies; you can find six below that you will want to ensure you ask them.

  1. Do You Have Experience Of Our Industry?

You will want to know if a digital agency has experience within your industry, as this allows them to hit the ground running as they know the best keywords and understand your target audience. However, it is not a pre-requisite, and as long as they are knowledgeable and experienced, they can still create an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

  1. How Do You Measure Results?

You will also want to ask potential digital agencies how they measure the results of their digital marketing campaigns and what metrics they use. Be careful of agencies that only focus on your website rankings, as there is a lot more information you can use to judge the success of your efforts, such as information from Google Analytics.

  1. Do You Outsource Any Work?

It can be fine if a digital agency outsources some of its work, as it can help them streamline the delivery of work and ensure everything is done correctly. However, when an agency does everything in-house, it allows them to monitor the tasks closely and ensure they are quality controlled correctly and done to a decent standard.

  1. Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

When you ask this question and an agency says they do have guarantees, be careful with them as they may not be honest. The only suitable answer to the above question is that there are no guarantees in digital marketing and take anything else they say with a pinch of salt.

  1. When Can We Expect Results?

Patience is a virtue that many businesses seem to have lost, and everyone wants results almost immediately. However, digital marketing takes time to do it correctly, and the speed of your results will depend on the competitiveness of your industry and your marketing budget.

  1. Do You Have Any Case Studies?

You can also ask potential digital agencies if they have case studies that they can send you that highlight the results they have achieved for other customers. They can be an excellent insight into how the agency works and the skills and expertise they possess.

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