Ten Tasty Disposable Vape Flavours for You to Try


From their introduction, part of the appeal of the disposable vape pen is that there are literally an endless amount of delicious vape liquid flavours to try and enjoy. From the outset, the vape pen has formed a key part of the vaping industry; it consists of a sealed tank pre-filled with a tasty, flavoured e-liquid, an internal battery, and an on/off operational switch to activate the vaping action. The disposable vape is popular for many reasons, including its use as an effective option for those looking to give up smoking cigarettes. This short piece will inform you of some of the best flavours on the market that deliver a tasty disposable vape.

Superb New Flavours

Amongst the massive amount of vape pen flavours in the marketplace today, these terrific offerings are particularly hot right now and earning rave reviews for their great taste –

1, Elf bar Watermelon Bubble gum – an excellent choice from among the great range of Elf Bar flavours; it is a burst of flavour from a top manufacturer combining sweet and fruity tastes in the same vape.

2, Lost Mary BM600 Cherry Ice – this is a bold and flavoursome vape with both sweet and sour tastes combining to form an excellent vape.

3, Swft Mod Recharge Lychee Berry Ice – this awesome flavour will awaken and refresh your taste buds with a superb combination of menthol, lychee, and strawberries.

4, Fog X Box Pink Star – this is a perfect vape pen flavour is a fruity concoction that mixes strawberry and watermelon candy with super tasty results.

5, Lost Mary OS5000 Cotton Candy – this is a mouth-watering sweet treat that mixes blueberries and the great taste of cotton candy with a great end product.

6, Truly Bar Strawberry Kiwi – a delightfully fruity vape that combines multiple fruits and pleases all who try it with its awesome taste.

7, NKD 100 Max Lava Flow – this great vape is a tasty exotic mix of pineapple, strawberries, and coconut milk; they combine to form a delicious vaping experience.

8, Flume Float Peach Ice – this is a great blend of fruit and ice cream that delivers the perfect summertime dessert in a superb flavour perfect for the disposable vape.

9, Seriously Soda Guava Passion – this premium flavour is a lush combo of zingy lemonade, the sweetness of guava and tart passionfruit; it is a great taste.

10, Geek Bar E600 Unicorn Shake – a great disposable vape with tones of banana, apple and strawberries with a milkshake tone at the finish.

There is an almost inexhaustible range of disposable vape pen flavours out there to choose from and enjoy; it forms part of the appeal and why the disposable vape continues to maintain its popularity with all different types of vapers, new and old.

If you prefer the disposable vape, then the world is your oyster; you can move from one great new taste to another while always having the option that can return to your favourite flavours.

A disposable vape pen is a superb option for many vaping situations; try some of the flavours mentioned here and enhance your vaping delights.

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